Walk of Remembrance

Welcome to the website of the work group Erinnerungsgang

It is the intention of our work group to set a sign in memory of the atrocities that took place on November 9th and 10th 1938 in Oldenburg and elsewhere in Germany.

We re-live the walk of pain the Jewish citizens of Oldenburg had to endure by organizing a quiet walk in commemoration of the events.

The annual commemoration walk and the surrounding program have taken place since 1982 and are supported by students from local schools.

The flyer published on the occasion of the first remembrance walk in 1982 is available as a file.

Since 2005 each year an Oldenburg school takes over the organization of the commemoration events, supported by our work group and the Landesbibliothek.

erinnerungsgang_karte_1 The course from the Oldenburg police barracks to the local prison and to the railway station on the following day

An additional part of our commemoration activities are exhibitions prepared by students that are shown in the Landesbibliothek. The events include presentations of research and documentations, as well as various art exhibitions and performances.

7_11_1987a Remembrance of the suffering of Oldenburg Jews
Source: Nordwest-Zeitung, November 7th 1987

Article as pdf file

We continuously try to develop new forms of memorial work in order to bring memory back into life.

We pay special attention to anti-semitism and racism; we also pay attention to threats to human rights, human dignity and peace in present times.

„What have I done?! – Great attendance at the Oldenburg Walk of the Jews. November 11th 1988“
Article as pdf

Flyer Erinnerungsgang 1991 1991aa11a

Fredo Behrens: Der Erinnerungsgang. In: Der Oldenburgische Hauskalender 2011. Ein Kulturmagazin für Stadt und Land. Oldenburg, Lappan Verlag, Hundertfünfundachtzigster Jahrgang, 2010, p. 61-66
ikon Article as pdf file

Fredo Behrens: Kulisse des Terrors. Erinnerungsgang. In: Gefangen am Schlossgarten. Zur Geschichte des Oldenburger Strafvollzugs in der Gerichtsstraße. Hg. von Gerd Koop und Yvonne Robel, Lingen, Kriminalpädagischer Verlag, 2014, p. 110 – 123
 Article as pdf file

A note on the designation of the walk
Just like the designation of the event itself – `Reichskristallnacht´, `Judenaktion´, Pogromnacht, `Reichspogromnacht´, Novemberpogrome, `Kristallnacht´ – the walk of remembrance also has a confusing history of designations: Bußgang, Gedächtnisgang, Judengang, Weg der Juden, Marsch der Juden, Judenmarsch, Juden-Marsch, Zug der Juden, Schweigegang, Schweigemarsch, Erinnerungsmarsch and finally Erinnerungsgang. Many are meaningful, some are problematic – `Erinnerungsgang´ seems the most appropriate to us.

Fotos Erinnerungsgang 2019


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